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What Is iStick?
iStick is an Android based computer with hardware graphics acceleration and Multi-Touch support, it’s almost the same size as a USB stick. Connect iStick with your HDTV and PQ Labs Multi-Touch Screen (or mouse and keyboard), and you’re ready to start.
Download iStick A101 Datasheet
Download iStick A200 Datasheet
* For more information about PQ Labs Multi-Touch Screen, visit http://www.pqlabs.com/g4s.html.
Where can I buy an iStick?
iStick is available at store.pqlabs.com, or you can get your free iStick by purchasing PQ Labs Multi-Touch overlay. If you are interested to be iStick distributor, please feel free to contact us at isticksupport@pqlabs.com.
Do I need to register to buy an iStick on store.pqlabs.com?
You don’t have to register to shop at our website. You can check out as a guest by providing necessary billing and shipping information. However, we do recommend you to register so you could view your past purchasing record and review on your purchased product.
How can I pay for the iStick?
Currently, we accept following credit cards: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover
What’s iStick’s warranty period?
The warranty period covers 12 months after you’ve received your product.
How long does it take to receive my istick?
After receiving your payment, we will ship your iStick within 3 working days. Estimated delivery time will be determined by your shipping address: For UK, US and EU countries, the estimated delivery time are listed below: 1~4 items: UK & US 4-7 working days; EU Countries: 7-9 working days 5~10 items: 3~5 working days; Other countries: 3-7 working days Note: Accurate delivery time differs from country to country upon delivery distance and declaration procedure.
How much do I have to pay for the shipping cost?
Your shipping cost will be automatically calculated before your checkout.
Can you deliver istick to my country?
Yes, iStick is distributed globally; please feel free to place your order.
How can I track my shipping status?
You will be notified by an Email with the carrier and tracking # information as soon as your iStick shipped.
What can I do if my iStick does not work properly?
You could contact local distributor (if available) or PQ Labs iStick support team (isticksupport@pqlabs.com) for help.
How to use iStick?
You can easily set up iStick by following simple steps below:
• Connect iStick with your display by provided HDMI cable; • Connect PQ Labs Multi-Touch overlay (if available) or your keyboard/mouse with iStick;* • Connect power adaptor with iStick, and iStick will boot up automatically; • Now you’re ready to enjoy iStick. * You can insert your wireless keyboard/mouse receiver into the USB port on iStick, for wired USB keyboard/mouse, a USB hub is required to expand iStick USB port, connecting your keyboard & mouse cable with USB hub, and enjoy.
Are there any further settings required after connecting my keyboard & mouse?
iStick could detect your keyboard & mouse (wireless or wired) instantly. No more configurations are need before using your keyboard & mouse.
How to use Multi-Touch function with iStick?
iStick is an Android based system supports PQ Labs Multi-Touch Screen natively.* Multi-Touch function is available instantly right after connecting PQ Labs Mutli-Touch screen with iStick. * PQ Labs do not guarantee compatibility of iStick with touch screens from third party manufacturers, since we need their permission to integrate driver software into the system.
How many touch points can iStick detect simultaneously?
iStick can detect up to 32 touch points simultaneously.
Does iStick support kinect-like motion sensor?
iStick supports application development for Asus Xtion PRO. Please contact PQ Labs for further information.
What apps has my iStick pre-installed?
We have pre-installed following Android apps with iStick, including Facebook, Skype, YouTube, Music / Video player and Google Play, etc. What’s more, iStick has various exclusive apps designed for digital signage. For example, the Way finder 3D, 3D Browser and 3D Mountain, which are optimized for Kiosk Mode.
How can I install apps on my iStick?
It’s quite easy to download and install Android apps and there are two ways to install apps.
a. Connect your iStick with PC, direct download and install free or paid apps from Google Play.
Free Apps
Navigate to an app you want to install and tap to select it - the details screen will appear, and you can read more about the app, its features and the developer. If you want to install the app, tap the Download button. Tap Accept & download to accept the permissions for the app (or press Back if you don’t want to download) - your item will start downloading immediately.
Paid Apps
Navigate to an app you want to install and tap to select it - the details screen will appear, and you can read more about the app, its features and the developer. If you want to purchase and install the app, select the button displaying the price. At this time, you may be asked to sign in to your Google Wallet account if it’s your first time making a purchase on Google Play. Use the drop-down menu to select a payment method or add a new card. Press Accept & buy to accept the permissions for the app and complete your purchase. If you’ve enabled a PIN code for purchases, you’ll be asked to enter it at this time. Your app will begin downloading on your iStick once payment is successfully authorized.
b. Insert TF card with pre-downloaded apps to iStick, find your APK packages in File Manager, tap the APK package to install. The prerequisite for this means is that you should go to “Settings”, tick the box named “Unknown sources” in the “Security” section.
What is Kiosk Mode?
Kiosk Mode is a special mode for public digital signage. Select your presentation app at Kiosk Manager and presenting material will run automatically in full screen (without Android Navigation bar) once the machine reboots, thus it is free from the interruption of spectators and there is no need for human supervision, thus cutting down the cost for human resources and maintenance expenditure.
How to upload contents to iStick from PC?
You can upload contents to iStick from your PC with a TF card, you can copy/paste/move your files in the most convenient way.
Can I connect my USB hard drive with my iStick?
Yes, but a USB hub with extra power supply is necessary to provide enough power for your hard drive.
Can I connect multiple USB devices to my iStick?
Yes, a USB hub with extra power supply is necessary to provide enough power.
How to develop applications for iStick?
iStick is a standard Android device running Android 4.0/4.1, you can develop your own apps on iStick with Android SDK.
Does iStick have a 3.5mm headphone jack?
Sorry, the current iStick A100 does not have 3.5mm earphone jack, iStick outputs audio with HDMI cable to your HDTV, you can get analog audio out by a HDMI to VGA+Audio adaptor.
Does iStick support web camera?
iStick A200 can fully support Logitech C110.
iStick A200 update
Download the update driver of iStick A200.
How to exit kiosk mode?
Please try to connect iStick with mouse and right click to quit the kiosk application. Then open Kiosk Manager and click “None”, click "Save & Exit", after restart you can back to normal mode.
How to Claim a Replacement?
Please contact our support team, if it is necessary to replace your iStick, our support staff will guide you to replacement procedure.
How Can I Refund an iStick?
You could contact our support team by isticksupport@pqlabs.com to request a refund. Following information is required in your refund request:
• Your user name (if registered) • Your order ID • Quantity of items you want to refund
Do I Have to Pay for the Returning Freight?
Returning freight will be charged depends on different situation.
Defective Products
A Customer may return a defective product to PQ Labs for repair or replacement within the warranty period, it is at PQ Labs option to determine whether the product is defective. The Customer shall be responsible the returning freight and PQ Labs will return the freight back to customer after confirming product defects.
Non-defective Product Return
Products that are not defective may be returned to PQ Labs within 30 days from the date of shipment. All non-defective product returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee. The Customer shall be responsible for all shipping costs and restocking fee determined by PQ Labs.
I've returned my item, how soon will I receive my refund?
Your payment will be returned to your credit card 3-7 days after we have received your returning product.